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warnings in eastern north carolina and you can see the entire outer banks to the state line. now, around here, hurricane -- south open but tidewater, norfolk and hampton roads up have to watch out. this is likely to be upgrade to a tropical storm warning, maybe tonight or tomorrow, as we get closer 24 hours out. those are the warnings as they stand now. the hurricane itself is well defined, impressive looking, color enhanced, you can see the clouds wrapping around the center. it has a chance to get stronger moving north and east. on 9 futurecast, you can see the storm skirting the coast and by midday friday, beginnings to pull north and east. heaviest around coastal areas. we may not have rain and we need train but this is a coastal storm, not so much here we'll have problem with the waves and beach erosion. category three storm through friday. it will pull out for the weekend but still a category three or two storm as it move in the midatlantic. i'll have more including the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, howard. >>> officials are planning to meet today and will brief the me
, virginia. there's a hurricane warning for eastern north carolina along the outer banks. they anticipate a hurricane like conditions over the eastern north carolina area, out of banks. it is a category 3, maximum sustained winds of 125 miles an hour of. there is a well-defined eye. notice the orange color. that is dry air being sucked into the center of the system. that is why it wheaton -- weakened. we anticipate it brushing close to the north carolina coast. locally, we can expect a lot of sunshine, mid 90's. more on that and the holiday forecast coming up. >> thank you. you can't track it any time by logging on to our website, inside the weather section. >>> on this wednesday, the top two candidates in the mayor's race in d.c. are going head-to- head. adrian fenty and vincent gray are debating this afternoon in northwest d.c. brianne carter joins us from the site of the debate with a new chapter in the campaign that develop this morning with the release of a poll. >> we are in the home stretch of the primary -- of this with the primary two weeks away. they are going head-to-h
.c. pretty much all of eastern virginia and eastern north carolina is under this tornado watch. again, we have a couple warnings out there near virginia beach at this time. but that's about it. so we'll watch isolated weak tornadoes. i don't think we're going to see a tornado outbreak but could see weaker ones. these bands of rain have been impressive. the center of the storm you can see a spin as it heads up toward raleigh. but these streamers off the coast we're getting drenched and a training rain effect. flash flood warnings through much of eastern north carolina. now that heavy rain is making its way through d.c., baltimore and philadelphia. and now the rain is beginning on long island and new york city. it's going to be a very rough morning commute all along i-95. the winds will be picking up during the day today but the heaviest rain looks to be from d.c. to baltimore to philly and eastern portions of pennsylvania are going to see a lot of rain. our computers are estimating anywhere between three to five inches of rain in this area with the bull's eye somewhere near i-95. your fore
of rain in eastern north carolina. obviously flooding is going on there. this will be with us for the day. maybe lessening later in the afternoon. you can see how the moisture continues to stream north. look at those deep oranges. the deep tropical rich moisture moving north. with that and a storm tracking to this west. a tornado watch until 7 a.m. this is a short lived one. i imagine this will be replaced after 7 a.m. and basically everyone east of 95 including washington, much of howard county, eastern montgomery, down to the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore. tornado watch until 7 a.m. and as far as the flood watch, we have the flood watch until 9:00. the counties in green, which is the entire metro, southern maryland down to fredericksburg out to loudoun, eastern faulkier, prince william, manassas city, fairfax, that is a flood warning. through 9:00 p.m., a flood watch. the flood warnings go until 10:45 this morning. and as far as our rainfall projections potential any way through 1:00 this morning. we are still looking. see those yellowish areas, that's eight to ten inc
from south carolina. there's the tornado watch box here, eastern north carolina, extreme southeastern virginia and this tropical flow of moisture covering everything and that's why all of us are under a flood watch until 9:00 tonight. you see some cloudiness but no rain in ohio. if you are trying to fly in or out of washington today it could be a difficult endeavor. check with your carrier. i think there will be a lot of delays due to the remnants of tropical storm nicole. the bus stop forecast for those who will brave it, heavy rain. temperatures ranging from the upper 50sin the shenandoah valley. sun up at 7:03. the day at a glance, heavy rain, heavy rain and heavy rain with lining and thunder in to the afternoon in the metro. some could be middle of the day. upper 70s. some of the warm air will work in toward us. and on the rain tapering to showers breezy. mid a 50s to mid-60s. upper 50s in particular tin -- martinsburg. devon, you are in the web center. >> i want to check if you go to we have storm reports. click on there and you can go to the storm report
see there in eastern north carolina getting in to virginia. i want to show you the winds, though. plotted the winds since last night. the bluer the gust are the actual wind speeds. last night at 5:00 the winds were calm at ocean city. as we go through midnight they start to pick up. the northeast and north wind 58 a hatteras. 25 norfolk. at 3:00 this morning they were gusting over a 0 at hatteras. 28 norfolk. an east wind at 11 in ocean city and the winds haven't picked up at ocean city. but gusts to 30 in norfolk. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd real quickly before i show you this. we have that rain which has moved in to to southeastern areas of maryland. southern maryland, st. marys city, up to even around the solomons island area seeing showers. newlisten, tappahannock, picks up, richmond to williamsburg. moderate to heavy rain here. in the immediate metro probably not going to see any rain at all. the forecast from the hurricane center, earl is east of north carolina. 5:00 a.m. advisory just came in. moving at 18. it is a pretty gad clip. look at a video from north carolina
of hurricane force winds across the outer banks, that eastern north carolina, and then cape cod and the islands could see some hurricane force winds as we get into the overnight tonight. but 105 mph sustained winds, 85 miles east of cape hatteras and it is a category 2 storm. it's expected to maybe be bumped down a little bit in the next advisory, around 8 a.m. hurricane hunters flying through this and giving the latest cord nants on the storm. up eastern north carolina up towards virginia beach and the chesapeake bay. d.c., you're going to get a few raindrops within the next several hours but all in all the center of this storm is going to remain offshore which is the best case scenario we could have asked for. still see 3 to 4, isolated 5 inches of rain across eastern north carolina and a couple inches as we ride up the coast. certainly see tropical storm force winds but kind of like a nor'easter and the northeast is accustoms to nor'easters. thank goodness not a direct hit but we're going to monitor it as it continues to move. we'll see a lot of rain, especially the outer banks, cape cod and
, but there is quite a bit of heavy rain and down in eastern north carolina. they will make their way towards chesapeake bay into the evening. that is why the national service -- weather service has made a flash flood watch. in this area, more heavy downpours are possible ovnight. low-lying areas could flood. 74 on the beach at ocean city. 70 at hagerstown. it is a little bit cooler out in the western maryland mountains. kind of money. sun said this evening at five minutes before 7:00. -- sunset this evening at 6:55. that bounder was enough to help kick up some severe thunderstorms. no reports of any damage or any spots of tornadoes, but the radar was showing strong locations for them developing. low pressure to the south will be tracking through our region. that brings a chance for additional rain, you'll see that developing as we go into the night. tomorrow night, a new batch of rain comes up from the south and spread into the area wednesday night and maybe some heavy rain again on thursday. right to about a thursday, some on settled weather expected around here. skies will turn partly clou
of cape cod. like eastern north carolina, cape cod is just kind of out there, and that's also expecting some devastation from about category 2 winds. on the west coast, everything is clear. high pressure is building in. a nice ridge of high pressure. that means warm conditions. so, when the east coast is looking at violent weather, the west coast is looking hot and calm and dry. up to 92 in san francisco. a return to the heat. 100 in medford today. seattle and portland also sunny and warm. salem today 85. fallon, nevada, around 92. we'll update your friday forecast coming up, lynn. >> all right, bill, thanks so much. >>> well, stocks sizzle, apple shines and burger king is on the block. your early-morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, you won't believe who turned down "dancing with the stars" and who volunteered but got turned away. >>> a major upset at the u.s. open and fight night in florida. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry and here's some of your top headlines this morning. israeli prime mini
to the washington animal rescue league. >> this is the case of about 200 animals in north eastern and north carolina and just a horrific medical research lab. >> reporter: saturday they looked over the rescued animals. the first goal is to nurse them back to health. the second is find them good homes. >> what we saw in the video was really nothing short of abuse. really deplorable. probably about the worst rescue disaster situation we've encountered. >> reporter: but that is just one rescue effort underway at the rescue league this weekend. ten pitbull dogs arrived on saturday from ohio. they may have been used in a dog fighting operation. >> this is tragedy what happens to a really good breed of pitbulls and why people misunderstand them. >> reporter: gary says pitbulls are thought of as mean violent animals. a pitbull was shot by a police officer after alleging attacking another dog. but wysman says it is noted breed that makes them violent. >> pitbulls are great dogs. they have a reputation because of the harm that people do to them but you know they don't deserve that. >> reporter: he says the p
chunk of eastern north carolina and some sustained tropical storm-force winds. as we bring thisno fur -- north for to you ocean city, and some tropical storm-force winds sustained for a few hours for ocean city and things will get better. the winds sustained, 35 to 45 miles per hour and probably a 3- to five-hour period of that. gusts higher and a lot of rip current activity and beach e rogue, too. >> the worst part is what happens in the water and the danger of the rip currents. you have property down there and somebody looking into it and making sure things are taken in, you are going hopefully get through this okay, based on the current track. we're counting on this cool front and that is going to be steering earl away and is going ting bringing us a fabulous labor day weekend and not just here but at the weekend. you're sick of the 90s, it's going to improve. around here, it will be warm and clouds, a bit of a breeze from earl and on saturday as well from the cool front essentially. 76 at 8 in the morning, by noon, 88; 4:00, 91 and that is the last warm day we have for awhile. in
the coast. maryland, delaware, eastern north carolina, southern new england. that's five to six inches of rain. that's enough to cause some serious problems. we'll continue to watch the heat out west. but compared to the flooding concerns we have out there, veroni veronica, in the next two days, not too big of a dill. the 113 was impressive in l.a. a couple of days ago. but we're past that. >> we're going need to borrow some sunshine for the rest of the country, bill. >> not till friday. >>> well, gold sparkles, tech stocks trip up. and getting a beer in tough times. the first look at this morning's business headlines are straight ahead. >>> three teams punch their ticket for the postseason. a rough ride for our rough rider. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there? flying there? how about eating soup to get there? delicious campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, energy, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. helping you get to a happier place. have a nice trip. campbell's. it's amazing
winds. you can see the counterclockwise circulation. heavy rains eastern north carolina, southern earn virginia. and in is approaching the delmarva. bruce leshan and virginia beach, scott broom in ocean city they will feel this pick up the next few hours. go to live doppler 9000 hd pause we are watching this east of richmond and also in southern maryland. a little shower active between leonardtown and st. mary's city on the northern neck. bill in newland said it one doing anything. and we will see some light sprinkles or drizzle. heavier showers in to virginia and they may just brush extreme southern maryland an across the bay in to the eastern shore. as far as the winds, we are looking at them from last night during the overnight. they start to pick up at midnight. 24 virginia beach. not bad here in the delmarva. overnight they started to pick up. even ocean city is feeling the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour and wallops island is gusting to 26 miles an hour. earl on the latest advisory, winds 105 miles an hour. starting to pick up northeast at 18 miles an hour. as it weakens it w
rain down in eastern north carolina, moving into southeast virginia. a lot of that will be working its way up to the bay. we have had an inch of rain at the airport and the inner harbor. we are at that 1 inch mark now. afternoon temperatures got up to a few degrees above the normal. even with clouds and what weather around, kind of a warm and muggy afternoon for this time of year. the flood watch continues west of the day. we could pick up another inch or two or more of grain. -- rain. you head toward frost burk. -- " -- lower 60's as you head toward frost burk. tornado warnings were issued earlier today on the boundary of some really warm and humid air coming in. colliding with the wet air from the west of us. that warm front triggered severe storms and tornado warnings. nothing i have seen reported as far as damage. the radar was showing strong location in some of those storms. the area of low pressure will head up the west side of the mountains. you can see these guys begin to clear out a little tomorrow afternoon. -- the skies. the rain arrives again into the baltimore area wednesd
. southeastirginia near 70. and we have another plume of moisture coming our way into eastern north carolina. leading edge of the rain associated wh a developing tropical storm. very strong upper level windows blowing 75 miles per hour. they're going to string it northward and bring it in this afternoon. we could have heavy rain, enough to cause flooding by this time tomorrow morning and the ponding of water. we'll have temperatures this afternoon before any rain arrives. once the rain commences it will drop back into the 60s. and some of the rain, again, as i mentioned could cause flooding is time tomorrow morning through midday thursday. we could get three or four inches out of this. drying out and cooling down as we get into the weekend. jerry, how is the traffic? >> doing pretty well. that's a good start. 395. no worries. everything looking good. let's head over and check out i-270. at the moment, everything moving along nicely. frederick to clarksburg, south toward the capital beltway. looking good between college park and silver spring. >> jerry, thanks thech very much. as we told you, we're fo
of the bahamas and of florida and looks like the main threats will be eastern north carolina. the center of the storm sitting right here just to the east of cape hatteras spread it looks like they'll get hit pretty hard by the west side of this storm. from there, it is expected to make a north east turn which takes it away from ocean city and out into the atlantic as it pushes it just to the east of ocean city by early afternoon on friday. by a couple of hundred miles. that is good news. the really bad weather is going to stay out in the event it and move away. this front coming in from the mounds will help to push that storm out of fear and take it on up to number -- new england. we will get into some pretty nice weather for the labor day weekend. 87 in the mountains tomorrow. a shower tomorrow night. 85 on the beach at ocean city. we will see sunshine around baltimore, 90-95 degrees tomorrow. then look for some gusty winds, cool it -- cooler and less humid weather moving in for the weekend. >> the raid and get ready to rumble with the rams. it should not be this physical. your estimate
that stretches just to the south of fredericksburg, richmo, eastern north carolina. that is going to be sweeping through our region here by later on this morning. we could have flooding rains now until noon time. then during the afternoon, we'll begin to see sunshine. highs near 80. there's a risk of some severe storms to our east laterhis afternoon. but clearing from west to east and partly cloudy tonight. upper 50s tomorrow morning. increasing clouds on wednesday. a tropical system system may affect u with rain late afternoon wednesday into wednesday evening. tropical downpour likely after drying out on friday and the weekend. feeling like autumn saturday, sunday, monday. >>> so far between i-95 south to the wilson bridge, everything moving along very, very nicely. no hangu. into town this morning, new york avenue, come on in. had to much in the way of overnight road work. weather washed most of it out. with the weathe coming in, it could all change. we'll keep you updated. joe, eun. >>> the change drivers in maryland need to be aware of. >>> jurors reach a verdict in the case of a local pbl s
finally pulls away. you can see the moisture continuing out of eastern north carolina where they had over 20" of rain in the last four days. we had some strong winds and some of the storms along the bay. the west side and east side with isolated tornado warnings. we had a lot of very heavy rainfall. live doppler 9000 at this hour is lit up. especially along the bay. new areas are enhancing off to the south and west. we start south and east. we have moderate rain here. heavy is along the bay. out in prince george's county and annapolis and st. mary's. they have been pounded with 4" of rain and tornado warnings. at last check, we did not have any warnings. there is heavy rain from annapolis through shady side and calvert and st. mary's. you head through the district and moderate rain here. we will be dealing with the moderate-to-heavy to torrential rain for another 5-8 hours. again, looking at charlottesville as well with the heavy rain lifting north. let's go back to the weather computer. let's talk about the weather. all of the counties in green are flood warnings. that is in effect until
eastern north carolina. now the question is how strong will it be and how strong will be winds be around the cape. also beach erosion around the eastern seaboard. it's forecasted close to cape cod as a category one around midnight, then the storm is gone for the labor day weekend. forecast around the country, it's going to be interesting. the west coast, you're still baking in summer, while the rest of the nation is going to be cooling off. look at phoenix today, 111 degrees. seattle around 80. nice on the coastal areas but still hot in the interior sections of california. you notice into saturday, cooler in san red bluff, california, another day in the hundreds for you. tucson easy into the hundreds, 104, sacramento, upper 90s. we'll take a look at the complete weekend forecast coming up. >> all right. bill karins, thank you. >>> wall street waits on job numbers, retailers score in august, and the number two burger chain is sold. early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, will a machete wielding assassin win the hearts of moviegoers this weekend at the box office. >>
a mess is out out there. hurricane earl is racing up the east coast after lashing eastern north carolina with severe rain and powerful winds this morning. for more on how the northeast is preparing for the storm we turn to the weather channel's julie martin who is in ocean city, maryland. good morning. >> good morning, chris. yeah, we're next here at ocean city, m.d. i don't know if you've seen the video from cape hatteras but they are getting battered pretty good down there. and expecting more of the same heading this way to mid to late morning in ocean city. i want to show you the surf right now. it is definitely up. we actually saw some swimmers out here this morning, some guys who were a little bit crazy trying to get out in the water here. rip current is a big issue here in ocean city over the busy labor day holiday. as far as the storm itself, winds are going to be up in the 20s. right now 20 sustained and up around that 30, 35 later on today. but it's probably not going to be enough to have any major impacts here other than some beach erosion and maybe some minor coastal flooding.
their car hydroplane into a ditch. this is highway 17 in eastern north carolina. there's three inches of water on it, but more than two feet of water beside it. in wilmington, north carolina, streets were overwhelmed by 22 1/2 inches of rain. why so much rain? three systems combining to bring extreme downpours from north carolina to maine, as tropical storm nicole broke apart wednesday night, a second storm formed, along an east coast cold front. so much rain, it stalled east coast travel, unless you were searching down main street. and we are in norfolk, right now, looking at the traffic not able to drive around the flooding. there is more rain, diane. look at the map. there's a second batch of moisture, this is what was left of the center of nicole, that is going to travel just about the same path as the rain did today. that means two to four additional inches of rain, and that's from maryland up into maine. diane? >> that's right. up to your ankles and climbing. thank you, sam champion. >>> and president obama will make the official announcement tomorrow. his friend, the tough-talk
. conditions will strange rapidly in eastern north carolina by this afternoon. it's a category 2. so, it's not the monster that we had yesterday. but still a dangerous system. winds 105 miles per hour. gusts even higher. center circulation about 85 miles southeast of north carolina. it is set to accelerate northeastward. we're looking at increasing wind and rain tonight. big problem here, the trees. get the winds. the tropical storm-force, maybe the hurricane-force here. that's going to knock down trees, tree limbs. there's going to be a lot of problems here with debris over cape cod and power outages. here's the radar. and you see the sharp cutoff for the rain there. rains increasing now in the southeastern parts of virginia, right around virginia beach. it's getting windy and wet. there you see a tropical storm force, in east north carolina. those will be heading right on up into southern new england tonight. that's when the big problems will be occurring with the wind and the rain. it will be significant. back to you guys. >> all right, mark mancuso, >>> we'll check i
and cuba. eastern north carolina and near georgia. a conveyor belt of tropical moisture from the south headed due north. what you see here, the white, yellow, and read is essentially cloud cover. tropical depressions 16 has formed and is pumping a lot of moisture into the atmosphere. that will continue late tomorrow and into the next day. it will translate into rain showers. an increase in clouds and rainshowers. start in southern maryland and head north word. temperatures topping out around 75 degrees. heavy showers between midnight and noon tomorrow. 2 to 4 inches of rain is possible with this system. it will become dusty. -- gusty. >>> growing volumes of 1 debt at09. -- spotted at 109. no problems at the duke street. >>> did you can't -- catch any "dancing with the star's"? >> i did not. >> michael bolton was sent packing last night. some harsh criticism for his jive saying is that when 1010 could have done better. -- rin tin tin could have done better. he had to leave for a concert after the show. >> i did the sound of music on stage. we will do the waltz. >> my situation -- [unint
at the radar. heavy bands in eastern north carolina approaching williamsburg and norfolk and a little close to us. a lot of clouds from earl but no rain in the metro except this evening when the front pushes through and then a slight chance of a shower. 82 at 9:00. 88 at noon. and a little sun late this amp. high of 90. we will be driving home with a temperature of 87. >>> first things first, happy friday. hope you are off to a great start. one tieup in virginia going southbound on 95 at backlick road. you are losing a couple of left lanes. northbound you are okay. on i-270 a little construction at 123. should be clearing in 30 and on eastbound 218, east of 301, watch for roadwork. it is taking away a right lane. jess? >>> a search and rescue team from maryland left for massachusetts. the 80-member crew will help with hurricane relief. gear was there when they headed out from rockville last night. >> forget your american express card. what do you absolutely, positively not want to leave home without. >> socks and underwear. most important thing is to have socks an yes or no wear. usually af
a storm threatened so much of a eastern seaboard. here in north carolina where the rip current is a concern, the governor declared a state of emergency and done the same for the coastal regions of maryland and virginia. some tourists refuse to let earl ruin their fun in the sun. >> our 14th year here and i'm not ready to go to new york and get in the routine. >> reporter: for those that don't have a place to ride out the storm, the shelters are set up. >> the shelter is never the best place to live in but we will make sure they have a place to sleep, are dry and have foot to eat. >> reporter: supplies they hope won't be needed this time around. karen brown, cbs news, kill devil hill, north carolina. >> you can keep track of earl and any other tropical systems that develop by logging on to and click on weather to down load the free hurricane tracker. >>> 5:37. an time for another "living $mart" report. get ready for a new version of apple temperature one that consumers may actually buy. apple unveiled a smaller, less expensive version. the $99 version will allow viewer
scooted up the eastern seaboard from north carolina and posed the biggest threat to cape cod. it made landfall in canada and blamed for one death there. as fox's jennifer davis reports, people in cape cod are breathing a sigh of relief. >> cape cod did take hurricane earl seriously. but the storm was barely here before it was gone. and now folks say it's time to enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer. >> billed as a lion, earl came to new england as more of a lamb, weakening to a tropical storm and allowing 3-month-old nathan kendall to sleep peacefully through the night. >> it was okay. >> reporter: with the storm approaching many held off on holiday plans, either heading out or hunkering down. with earl's grey skies turning as blue as these bridesmaid dresses this happy couple's worries went away with earl's departure from cape cod. >> sunny and gorgeous. the breeze is excellent. couldn't ask for anything better. >> very nice. >> were you worried yesterday? >> very. >> but, hey, there is nothing you can do. you just go with the cards dealt to you. >> bride, groom and wedding p
. is heavy as you get down to parts of eastern north carolina. that is one thing will have to watch for tomorrow, the potential for severe storms embedded in this batch of heavy rain. so far the -- only. 02 of rain so far officially. we are still running cool, 65, frederick county in the low 60s, and it gets chilly out in western maryland in the 50's. tropical like air is already starting to feed up into southern maryland. the air is loaded with moisture, so look for some showers in the region in the morning. breezy, 58-65 to start off thursday. nicole did not last very long. it was gone by 5:00 in the afternoon, but the remnants of it down here are still loaded with tropical moisture and this area of low pressure, combined with new ones on this stalled front will bring all the tropical moisture into the mid atlantic. we are in for some heavy rain and may be severe thunderstorms as well. rod brown baltimore and on to the eastern shore tomorrow afternoon, watch for gusty winds. the possibility of periods of rain lasting into friday morning before it clears out friday afternoon. the w
, as what remains of tropical storm nicole moves north. some areas of eastern north carolina could see over a foot of rain today. >>> fresh from a four-state campaign swing, president obama meets with democratic leaders in washington. they are strategizing ahead of the midterm elections. >>> fed chairman ben bernanke testifies on the progress of inplummeting the new financial overhaul law. congress left much of the substance of the new rules to the discretion of regulators. >>> we will learn the details today about a massive recall from fisher price. it's believed that over a dozen products are involved, including millions of tricycles and highchairs. >>> former president jimmy carter is expected to be released from the cleveland hospital where he spent the last two nights. doctors said a viral infection likely caused the upset stomach that cartered suffered on tuesday. >>> and tour de france winner alberto continued dor tested positive for a banned substance in july. he says it's linked to food contamination. >>> for some of you, your local news is next. when i had my heart attack, i could
of tornadoes overnight eastern north carolina. norfolk and virginia beach are the areas of greater concern. the radar, all the green is the rain. the yellows and the reds are more thunderstorms that are moving through. d.c. to philadelphia is the worst of the drive, but new york city is about to get nailed. we're going to see the first bans of heavy rain pulling up through the tri-state area here during the next hour right as we start the heart of the rush hour. there's the area in maroon. flash flood warnings throughout the d.c. area. through philly and new york. it will be a rough day. this will be about a 24-hour event of heavy rain, gusty winds. new york city under a high wind warning. could see winds gusting to 50 miles per hour at times. the airports are going to be a mess. there's really no way around it. the morning commute will be hard enough. >> if you're traveling to d.c. from farther north get on the acela, is that your suggestion? >> trains will do well unless the tracks flood or a tree falls on them. not on the train. if they fall on the track and delay it. >> ugly day. >>> l
at the heavy rains through eastern north carolina and southeastern virginia. that's what's headed for the morning commute. we'll tighten up to close in view around the immediate metro area on the computer and we'll see moderate rain moving in from the metro area from the south. this is like a tropical conveyor belt, really. we'd like you to help sending them to the website, post on facebook or tweet, and go to twitter and please tag your tweets with dc flood and we'll put them on the air as soon as possible. overnight, rain and thunderstorms go into effect. lows of 60 and 65. i'll come back with breakdown of weather and rain fall amounts for your area. . >> down in alexander ria, crews are clearing drains hoping to clear the potential of high water. they've seen this sort of thing before. earlier tonight, trailer trucks loaded with sand bags made deposits at king and lee streets. meantime over in annapolis, the city is keeping a big eye on a aging dam. that 90-year-old dam's foundation is eroding and there are gaping cracks in the wall. regulators have deemed it unsafe but they sa
up. ocean city delaware virginia beach. hurricane warnings up for eastern north carolina. look at the beach today you would never know what's knocking on the door. surf's up a little pit but nothing like we're going to see in the next few days here. in fact we expect high of 7- foot waves by thursday, by friday we could see 10 even 12- foot swells rolling into the beach. rough surf at the minimum down toward the beaches. right now back in baltimore quiet and hot. hot has been the theme. what a hot way to start off the month of september. 91 now we've seen temperatures up close to 100 today in many spots across the state. look at frederick still sweltering at 97. chambers 91 a annapolis in the upper 80s. humidity hi but not oppressive southwest breeze tomorrow courtesy of a cold front pushing out of the north and west. high pressure gives us sunshine for one more day and also the heats. the interesting thing here as this front pushes further south warm southerly wind comes in through the day tomorrow and this is actually one of the first cloud bands of hurricane earl already ton
warnings on the outer banks in eastern north carolina. they do expect to have belfort's wins their later tonight. along the western shore -- they do expect to have gale force winds there later tonight. those are the main effects for us. the bay year is probably just going to see a little cloud cover, maybe a little bit of a shower. there will be heavy surf into the afternoon tomorrow. a cool front will come rolling through tomorrow night. the temperatures will break and it will be a beautiful labor day weekend is statewide, including ocean city once that storm pulls away. for tomorrow, 85-90, 20% chance of showers. highs on saturday, sunday, and labor day are in the mid-70's- low-80's. it will warm up again on tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. still ahead, the latest round of middle east peace talks are taking place at the state department today. >> we will have more on the formidable obstacles in the israeli prime minister and palestinian president are facing. >> maryland gets a financial boost from washington. we will create new student tests. >> the national aquarium is expanding a
now, that the main circulation is moving in to eastern north carolina, and so out on te eastern de of this, the circulation is a lot of tropical moisture coming all the way up from the caribbean, and continuing to flow all the way in to eastern norh carolina, and all the way up into virginia, and now maryland, that's moving on up into pennsylvania, as well. now, once again, we have a tornado warning for calvert countynd anne arundel county. this is the cell that is continuing to produce some very heavy rain across most of calvert county now. this is going to be tracking up into anne arundel county in the next half hour or so and there is some indication of circulation in this particular cell that is showing us perhaps there may be a funnel cloud touching down in calvert county. this is continuing to trackff to the north with very heavy rai that's going to be the main issue here, with flooding likely occurring in many locations now in calvert county that's going to track just about due north acoss anne arundel county here in the next few minutes. other pockets of heavy rain around t
heavy show back through eastern north carolina. take you a little wider upnd down the east coast this storm getting its act together. it's going to j tropical moisture right up the immediate east coast and that center of low pressure slow to move through the overnight and early tomorrow. very, very dry, just off to our west. so this is definitely yvngoing be a coastal storm. not impacting even west virginia in a huge way. forecast model check it out. here's our timing on this thing. rain getting much heavier toward 2:00 a.m. tomorrow =/ then we expect those downpours to come through in waves through lunch time tomorrow. we'll begin to see the end in sight some clearing out to the south and west. we're probably looking at tomorrow afternoon towards 5:00, f before we really get the urain out of here and finally get a chance to begin to dry out. still maybe some heavy rain down at the at the beaches tomorrow3l-ñ night then we clear out. tropical satellite tremendous fetch. unusual pattern set up here. it's pulling out a lot of tropical moisture this pattern is hours peak 2:00 a.m
north carolina. the winds are 105 miles per hour. as the storm now heads up the eastern sea board. north carolina is still expected to take the brunt of the storm. the 33 minors trapped underground for 4 weeks now will soon be able to see and talk with loved ones. crews will lower a cable so they can have conversations through a television screen. >>> college football officially back, gary has highlights, and the 49ers and the raiders wrap up the pre-season on a high note. gary has all the highlights on the sports, he is next. switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% apr for 60 months on the 2010 traverse with an average finance savings of around fifty seven hundred. the switch begins at >>> here we go. football, that's the way i like it. cold start. the way the industry is going. from one person to the next, the 49ers rolli
. hurricane warnings for the outer banks in eastern north carolina. that is the main impact area. just a watch it north into delaware, mean we have to make sure the storm takes the turn. on the western side of the bay, a coastal flood watch because the tides will be one in 1-3 feet above normal -- running 1-3 feet above normal. 87 in the mountains tomorrow, sunny skies with highs around the bay quite warm, 93. on the lower eastern shore, some sunshine and 92 inland, 85 on the beach. we could use some rain, because it is back to a dry spell going into the labor day weekend. at least it will be cooler and less humid for saturday, sunday, and monday. >> if you have ever lost your luggage on an airline, you know what kind of headache that candy. now american airlines is running as a new test to eliminate problems like that -- you know what kind of headache that can be. scott freeman has details. >> and american airlines flight from tokyo has just landed at dfw airport. this small white tag on his backpack has been tracking his moves. when he boarded the plane in tokyo, he volunteered to help ameri
virginia and perhaps even areas around eastern new england. 6 to 8 inches, expected eastern north carolina. of course, wilmington just got a record two inches of rainfall. we could easily see winds around 40 miles an hour. 73 tomorrow, rain develops and moves on in. could have a little bit of thuner. thunderstorms coming our way on thursday. maybe even severe weather. it's wind and rain for thursday, that's what you should watch out for. by the end othe week, we'll be drying out and getting sunshine in here. and we'll see temperatures in the 60s and very cool nights coming our way. >>> coming up on news4, our report on synthetic marijuana, the store manager wasn'tappy to see us coming. >>> and wt do you suppose the president jamming to these days? danella is here in the studio to dish the dirt next. >>> coming upt 5:00, a local high school football player is killed moments after he steps off the field. >>> maryland cell phone ban takes effect on friday. some worry this new law could make the problem worse. >>> what makes a good teacher. bill gates is hoping his millions will answer that qu
north carolina. some of that will be arrivg late this afternoon. moderate to heavy rain through midday thursday likely causing flooding. dry after that. jerry, how is the traffic. >> a live look at th hour on interstate 66 where we are certainly loading up very, very quickly as the rush hour picks upace. already beginning to slow down just a little bit. we may have something going on. that was moving better 45 seconds ago. wilson bridge, once you get o bridge span you're okay. report of a vehicle stopped inner loop arod route 210. but that should be out by now. out to the rails we go. doing wel metro, vre and mark, no thas. >>> we are continue to following breaking news in northwest washington where dozens of people are being treated right now after a fire at a high-rise apartment building. news 4 tacee wilkins is on the scene with the latest on what appears to be an arson? >> reporter: they don't want to say exactly how this fire started until they're able to bring in dogs and actually see if there was an act sell rant. this was an unusual location for fire. we had original reports th
hurricane warnings in eastern north carolina. tropical storm warnings for virginia. our storm surge is one to three feet above normal tide. so minor problems. though seven-day forecast, temperatures are still hot. 95 today. t 0ish tomorrow. over the weekend, significantly cooler. 78 on saturday. sunday 80. the labor day forecast looks fabulous. here's angie. >>> right now just action packed across the region. not how i really like it. we will begin with a look at 270. what's going on out here? approaching 80 is where we have the crab activity. -- crash activity. southbound is where we feel the pain. jammed from frederick past the scene. right now we will take it to the maps and show you damascus, northbound ridge road and bethesda church road. the scene is improving. only losing one right lane for drivers. taking it to silver spring. we have been following the situation since yesterday. switching the camera over to the wayne avenue area. we are losing all westbound lanes between colesville road and georgia avenue. let's end with virginia 395. with have crash activity off to the shoulder. i
doppler indicated warnings earlier. many to southeastern virginia and eastern north carolina. i think we will see more tornado warnings as we go in to mid to late morning ands for a the rain potential, still storm total four to five inches. locally eight plus to the south and east. it is 6:02. >>> angie? >> a couple of problems out there. specifically we know that heavy rains caused a lot of issues for tractor-trailer drivers and we have a jackknifed one on the inner loop. and this is what it is causing. a big stackup approaching old georgetown road. that's where the scene is and the stack up starts at river road and it is growing. on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents. from university over to georgia a good amount of congestion is building. take it to the maps. 70 eastbound. another traffic is overturned in this area has all eastbound lanes closed. drivers being forced to use that exit 87 to get on to 29 and from there they can hop on to route 40 or 99 to get around it throughout the morning rush because it looks like officials will be out there until at least 8:00 this morning.
into southeastern virginia as well as all the way across eastern north carolina. our local radar showing a few sprinkles south of washington. right now down through culpepper to the west of interstate 95. there's one band of light rain there. there's a couple of other bands of little bit heavier rain in the northern neck of virginia. in ocean city they are getting a few bands of light rain but the heavier bands are off the coast. they will be moving inland near ocean city in the next couple of hours. highs today reaching the 80s. it will be sunny and breezy tomorrow near 80, beautiful labor day highs near 80, low humidity but cool in the mornings near the 50s. the latest on earl's track as well coming up at 5:51. let's check traffic for this friday morning. ashley, how is it looking now? >> this early morning, we're relatively good shape around the region. we have a couple of trouble spots. let's start off with good news out of virginia, approaching the capitol beltway, no problems past 123. elsewhere out of virginia on 95. delays continue to stack up. we have accident activity just prior to n
virginia area into eastern north carolina. you can see this area of rain that does continue to move off directly, now taking a bt toward the washington metro area. these cells where you see here that are in orange and yellow, these are the ones that are producinvery heavy rain. there is small chance that some of these could produce a funnel cloud that could reach the ground. farther to the north as we go back here closer to washington, we do have these pockets now of some moderate to heavy rain heading into fairfax and fauquier counties. those areas of heavy rain are exacerbating our flooding problem. also we've had a creek out of its banks in fairfax county running very high. we've got reports of flooded roads ought throughout much of fairfax county, prince william and fauquier county as we as charles county, parts of charles county and in king george county. there's a heavy downpour right ar silver spring. that one is passing off to the north as well. we'll be heading up toward albanynd laytonsville and east of damascus. and then on the eastern shore, this is this very long line of ve
isolated eas picking up as much as five and some spots around the eastern portion of north carolina could see as much as eight to ten inches of rainfall. so there's the one low. the first low we're watching. the secondary storm system actually nicole that is going to make its way late today just east ever miami, florida and then make its way up the coast. i think the main center wl actually start making its way on inland. two to four inches of rain tonight on through thursday. you can see some heavy rain already aroun the coastal areas of north carolina. th's the location that just early part of the week, wilmington picked up more than 10 inches ever rain. record rainfall. there it is. early tomorrow morning about 7:00 some very heavy rain across the area. then there's the tropical system moving up the coast and perhaps even off to the ast. so we will be getting wind with it too. winds eventually wrapping in and coming in out of the northwest late tomorrow. for today showers developing from moderate to heavy rain. 69 to 73 degrees your high temperature for today. by tomorrow morning i thi
along the eastern shore of north carolina. right now i'd say wind gusts are close to 50 miles per hour here on the barrier islands of the outer banks where we are rocking and rolling in our news van outside as winds push is side to side. it's there's rain but it's relatively light rain. we expect it will intensify as the hours roll on this morning. >> you talk about the conditions happening right now. what about the emergency preparation happening in kill devil hills? the people there who have evacuated. but what about the people who have stayed? what are emergency crews bracing them for this morning? >> there's a mandatory evacuation order for all visitors here in dare county, north carolina, that was issued early this morning. they tried to get folks out. we were out and about earlier. i should say yesterday, thursday, during the day to see who would wind up staying in nags head, in this area, kill devil hills. most people did choose to get out. we're staying at a hotel that is still open, still has electricity, had a band playing in the bar area to keep everybody occupied and happy
because right around eastern north carolina we're seng the remnants of nicole. and they're likely to be under a tornado watcas wel >> that tornado tch being extended, it could also be extended toward portions of the eastern shores as well. we're going to watch that very closely. the area that has seen the most rainfall has been down towards north carolina. that's where all of this rain is coming from to north carolina. wilmington, take a look at video here. you think we've seen a lot of in with upwards of five to ten inches. how about wilmington coming in with 20 inches of rain over the past coupl of days? am-=r they needed it as well. they were under a severe drought over the past couple of months. they d need the rain. but once again, you just don't need is much in this period of time. where is the storm system? still down to the south and east. we have to go through the nt hours before we finally get rid of the rain. but it will be a fast mover. it will move through and by tomorrow morning be just to our north and east. then it is out here for now. there goes the area of lw pr
parts of north carolina. that is the one area that is now under a hurricane watch, and what that watch means is that hurricane conditions are possible, possible, and of to two days in advance people like to issue those. it is still about 1,000 miles away from the outer banks of north carolina. here is the very latest from the folks at the tropical prediction center, and with time, this is shifting a little bit to the east, so why the will have an impact in the form of some very, very heavy surf, right now, i think the threat of the landfall is diminishing -- while it will have an impact in the form of some very, very heavy surf. i will have later what it means for us in the washington area, but right now, i would not change dramatically any weekend plans. >> thanks for that advice there, bob. >>> and jered baywatch has been issued for most of the north carolina coast -- a hurricane watch has been issued. >> federal emergency officials are calling on travelers to prepare for a potential problem in the coming days along the eastern seaboard as hurricane earl nears. it left its mark in th
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